Good Accounting Information System ( AIS )

Good AIS should answer more than just “WHAT” questions, but “WHY” and “HOW” types of questions as well. For example, financial reports may show the total dollar amount of sales and even break it down into categories and regional sales numbers. But, it should not stop there. AIS should provide insights into the reasons behind the numbers: details of project accomplishment, worker assignment, materials usage, problems encountered, solutions to the problems, and customer satisfaction. With these insightful information, managers are well informed to answer the questions why for the results but how the business may do better in the future: pitfalls and how to avoid them, successes and how to repeat them.

AIS is an associated set of activities, procedures, documents and technologies to collect and process data with the ultimate objective to produce information for various groups of users to access performance and make good business decisions. Users can be internal and external.  Internal users include the owners, managers, employees and customers of an organization. External users include investors and government agencies.

We provide services in designing, implementation and operation of accounting information system that meets your unique business requirements.  Building a good Accounting Information System entails understanding of business through analysis to identify requirements and opportunities, application of software and hardware solutions to meet the requirements and exploit the opportunities.  We invite you to fill out a contact form and see how we may help to bring a good AIS into reality for your business!  All our works are fully guaranteed for your satisfaction.